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Cariol Horne fights alongside the citizens of Buffalo to pass Cariol's Law

FALL 2023

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Elevate your next event with a speaker from Strategies for Justice, where passion meets expertise. Our speakers bring a unique blend of deep knowledge and real-world experience in social justice, equity, and inclusion. Whether it's navigating contemporary challenges or inspiring positive change, our dynamic presenters engage audiences with compelling stories and actionable insights. Tailored to your event's objectives, a speaker from Strategies for Justice ensures an unforgettable experience, sparking meaningful conversations and leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Choose more than a speaker; choose a catalyst for positive transformation at your next event.


"It was inspiring, informative and put our movement on the map."

Adam Fryer, The Peoples Peaceful Protest in Geneva NY

You offered us so many powerful points of learning, particularly the bell curves, knowing where we want to go with our activism, and the call to “move toward healing” which especially resonated with me. 

Lori Wieder, Centre Region Moms Demand Action PA

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