Mission Statement

Strategies For Justice (SFJ) is a speaking and training bureau that believes unveiling untold narratives of injustice can lead to change. SFJ seeks to help communities build strategies for justice by utilizing the power of stories as a foundation for reform. We look to work with communities, organizations, and institutions of higher education with the mission to engage in civil yet meaningful dialogue.

We want to make sure we are meeting the needs of your organization by enhancing the conversation on race, ability inclusion, and law enforcement. Take a moment to look at our programs and select the one that best meets your needs.


Strategies for Justice (SFJ) was established in 2019 to create a meaningful and effective push for justice. Founder Terry Watson started training, presenting, and engaging in dialogue around the narrative of his ancestors Moses P. Cobb and Samuel J. Battle in 2014. Cobb and Battle were instrumental in breaking down the racial barriers for police officers in the city of New York (in 1892 and 1921, respectively). The story of The Battle with Moses People (BWMP), as told by Watson, has sparked dialogue around the topics of inequities inside and outside of law enforcement.

Working from the foundation set by BWMP, Strategies for Justice now recruits and collaborates with others who are willing to tell their own narratives regarding race, ability, and law enforcement. These stories come from those who are currently working in or are retired from law enforcement or who have had a positive, progressive impact on identifying, breaking down, and eliminating injustices and inequalities.



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