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Terry L. Watson

Topics of discussion

Bridging the Gap Between Communities of Color and Law Enforcement

Impact of Generational Trauma

Disability and Inclusion practices

Terry L. Watson

Founder, Strategies for Justice, BWMP LLC

Terry Watson is a professional speaker, author, and trainer who specializes in the topics of disability equity in education, racial justice, and law enforcement. Mr. Watson has more than 15 years working in higher education and more than 25 years providing workshops on the topics of bias and discrimination, addressing generational trauma, and confronting racism. Mr. Watson is the founder of Strategies for Justice, BWMP LLC, a platform for people of color in law enforcement to engage their communities and build trust through their narratives.

As the Assistant Director of Student Disability Services for Penn State University World Campus, Mr. Watson works closely with faculty, designers, and student-facing units. In this capacity, he helps shape practices, procedures, and policies to include individuals with diverse abilities. In his training presentation Beyond Accommodations, he examines pedagogy through the lens of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides insight into inclusive practices. Through this training, Mr. Watson addresses the needs of student populations and prepares participants to develop institutional competencies.

Mr. Watson has also been presenting The Battle With Moses People since 2014. In this spoken-word presentation, he describes the lives of Samuel J. Battle and Moses P. Cobb, who were instrumental in breaking down the racial barriers for police officers in New York City in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Through this historic lens, he engages participants in the dialogue of what happens when #BlackLivesMatter meets #BlueLivesMatter. Cobb and Battle (both ancestors of Mr. Watson) are known for their perseverance and integrity as they dealt with racism and injustice, inside and outside of the force. The Battle With Moses People challenges the perspectives of others while encouraging civil discourse from all.

More recently, Mr. Watson authored his first book, Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person: Deconstructing Racism and White Supremacy. In addition, Mr. Watson has interviewed law enforcement officers around the country to document their narratives in a book called The Battle Continues With Moses’ People (pending publication).

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