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Captain Sonia Pruitt, RET.

Topics of discussion

Bias and Discrimination in Policing

Use of Force

Black Women in Policing

Captain Sonia Pruitt, RET.

Sonia Pruitt is a distinguished figure within law enforcement and academia. With a robust career spanning 28 years, she retired as a veteran from the Montgomery County PD in Maryland, where she made history as the first African American woman to ascend to the rank of captain. Presently, Pruitt is currently a professor of Criminal Justice at both Howard University in Washington, D.C. and Montgomery College in Maryland, where she imparts her wealth of knowledge and experience to aspiring professionals. Her dedication extends beyond the classroom as she has also served as the past-president of the National Black Police Association, advocating for equity and representation within law enforcement. Additionally, Pruitt is the visionary Founder & CEO of The Black Police Experience, an organization committed to advancing education and awareness surrounding the intricate dynamics between law enforcement and the Black community. Through her multifaceted roles, Pruitt continues to shape and influence discourse in both academic and societal realms.

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