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Sun, Mar 10


Moses' People Speak

Special Episode: "Discussing Mental Health and Policing”

A conversation with Dr. Daniel Hollar and Sgt. Jetaria Taylor

Special Episode: "Discussing Mental Health and Policing”
Special Episode: "Discussing Mental Health and Policing”

Time and Location

Mar 10, 2024, 5:15 PM – 5:45 PM EDT

Moses' People Speak

About the Event

Join us as we discuss mental health and policing with Dr. Daniel Hollar and Sgt. Jetaria Taylor

Mental health and policing have been a focal point over the last few years.  In 2022, our symposium theme was “Breaking the stigma: Mental Health and Policing.  We chose that theme because of the increased calls to address mental health in law enforcement as well as the need to address police interaction with the mental health community. We will discuss the stigma still surrounding mental health and policing and what can be to address these concerns. This is part of the 5th Anniversary Celebration. 

About the guest:

Dr. Daniel Hollar

Dr. Daniel Hollar is the Assistant Dean for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. He is an Associate Professor of Psychology (tenured) & served for 6 years as the Psychology Department Chair at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. With a PhD in clinical psychology from Florida State University and expertise in suicide risk assessment, trauma, and treating mental illness, he has authored a book on Suicide and Eating Disordered Behavior among African Americans, written a book chapter on The Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders in African American Clients and co-authored several suicide related articles in peer-reviewed scientific research journals. He has been the recipient of multiple grant funded projects aimed at conducting research in mental health. Dr. Hollar has a breadth of clinical experience and expertise with law enforcement agencies and personnel. For over 12 years, he worked alongside law enforcement professionals at the largest forensic psychiatric inpatient hospital in Florida providing individual and group therapy, competency evaluation and training, mental status evaluations for involuntary commitments, and expert testimony in the State of Florida. Dr. Hollar has done subcontracted work for the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Children and Families for over a decade. Additionally, he has 15 years of psychological assessment experience in private practice (subcontracted). Dr. Hollar conducted trainings for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Chicago Police Department, and Penn State University Police Department. He is currently working with law enforcement on reducing mental health risk factors related to trauma and suicide as well as improving cross-cultural competency and developing new screening measures for recruiting police. Please visit for more details.  

Sgt. Jetaria Taylor, MSW

Sergeant Taylor has proven to be an incredible leader and has lifted the visibility and value of those in law enforcement. She has done so in her professional career, business ventures, and community outreach.

Sergeant Taylor has consistently set herself apart from her peers in her professional career and is currently assigned to the Philadelphia Family Court Division. Sergeant Taylor has consistently proven to be a major asset to The Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office as she has a background in social work where she utilizes her knowledge and experience to constantly help others. Sergeant Taylor graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation and Human Services and is a recent graduate of Widener University, where she obtained her master’s in social work. Her commitment to the service of Philadelphians is remarkable, and she has always strived for excellence.

Sergeant Taylor is a regular participant in community outreach initiatives. In 2016 she began “Comforters for Comfort” which is an initiative to help keep homeless individuals warm throughout the winter. From hosting donation drives at shelters, to publicly speaking throughout the city to at-risk youth, Sergeant Taylor consistently strives to impact some of the most vulnerable populations of Philadelphia. She has regularly advocated for more community policing projects as she believes people need to have interactions with law enforcement that are not limited to handcuffs and jail cells.

Lastly with the death of her work partner and best friend Dante Austin, a Philadelphia Deputy Sheriff, Sergeant Taylor has been working diligently to advocate for suicide awareness. Her past collaborations have included the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Blue Help, an organization that focuses solely on Law Enforcement suicides. Additionally, Sergeant Taylor has created her own initiative entitled Breathe, Stretch, Shake and Mental Health. This initiative was created in response to her partners deaths to create an environment for law enforcement officers to speak about mental health and decompress by way of yoga. With several collaborations in and out of the city, Sergeant Taylor has shifted her focus towards Mental Health in the law enforcement community. It is her mission to normalize speaking about mental health and providing officers with the necessary resources in order to help combat suicide. Her goal is to become a certified facilitator for Suicide awareness, in which she plans to teach at local law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Additionally, her newest venture, set to go live this year, is her nonprofit, Blue Tranquility. Blue Tranquility s mission is to raise awareness of mental health in law enforcement through mindfulness initiatives catered to the restoration of the mind, body, and soul

With over a decade on the force, Sergeant Taylor continues to inspire, uplift and be a constant change agent not just for law enforcement but also the communities in which she serves.

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