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Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person: Deconstructing Racism and White Supremacy


"I’ve crawled, walked, marched, and I continue to run. Fought, prayed, protected, and some. Now, it is time for my mind to be well. Not tomorrow, not later, but now. Know this America, whatever you gained from my black sick mind, I’ll be taking it back."


What does it take to deal with the legacy of white supremacy as a conscious black mind in America?

Terry Lee Watson explores that weighty topic in Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person—a timely anthology of poems, short stories, and critical essays that reveal why we’re still coping with an oppressive structure in America. The book is divided into four moments:


  • The Walk is a collection that critically examine the complexity of racism and white supremacy.
  • The American Celebration seeks to define what makes a mind sick. This collection lends insight into how our willingness to disguise our sanity to fit the status quo contributes to the overwhelming theme of white supremacy.
  • I Fight for My People shows how we find, sustain, and pass on strength as a culture.
  • The Playing of The Fifth Note speaks to the strategist in you. If deconstructing white supremacy is the beginning, then what is your end? What is your fifth note?


Join the author as he considers what it means to be black in America, what must be done to effect meaningful change, and whether we should be hopeful about the future.


Print length

142 pages



Publication date

March 13, 2022


6 x 0.32 x 9 inches





Signed copy -Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person

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