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Symposium on Conscious Law Enforcement & Inclusive Practices

Session A: Building consciousness in racial truth and reconciliation.

Why is it important: "What to do when you are stopped by police"

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Session Description

The Grand Council in an effort to enhance the quality of life in the African American community and to enhance awareness developed the program called "Police Brutality; Let's stop the violence now." This program transitions to "What to do when you are stopped by police." This program was developed to stop police brutality by building a relationship with the community and educating them on their rights. This program also set up pathways for the community to voice their concern about police misconduct. Join this conversation to learn why this program has been duplicated across the country and why it is important for law enforcement to address these issues.

Learning Objectives

    Participants will gain awareness and understanding of how racial generational trauma creates barriers and prevents healing.
    Participants will learn about strategies to build a path toward racial healing.
Charles Billups

Charles Billups

Presently, Charles Billips holds the position of Chairperson of The Grand Council of Guardians (The Council) for the last 26 years. The Grand Council of Guardians Inc. was formed in 1974 as an umbrella organization that consists of six African Americans fraternal organizations in the field of Law Enforcement, uniforms, and Civilians throughout New York City. Through Mr. Billiups leadership,the Grand Council became a tremendous source of support and a strong voice for bridging the gap between Black Law Enforcement and the African Americans and Latinos communities by reinforcing our community base ties. Examples of these efforts include doing community outreach during the holidays, Supporting Gun Legislation that takes guns out of our communities, Legislation that made N.Y. Police agencies accountable for questionable shootings, and holding Press Conferences about the injustice in the African American communities. Mr. Billiups takes pride in engaging his community through programs like Take Back Our Community (TBOC), Public School Mentoring Programs, Workshops on What to do when stopped by the Police ( which The Council started displaying New York in 1994 and adopted by the different community groups across the country).
John W. Nedd

John W. Nedd

John Nedd is the President & CEO of JonWesley Consulting, LLC, a branding firm that consults on Personal & Private, as well as Infrastructure Protection, Public Safety, and Emergency Management. His extensive career includes being a member of the Nassau County Police Department. John is also a Political Advocate for causes that revolves around members of the Minority Communities in terms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Mr. Nedd's accomplishments have shown from his membership and participation with: -The Nassau County Guardians Association; -The Grand Council Guardians; -National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives; -Tri-State Law Enforcement Foundation; -National Society for Leadership and Success; -National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice; -Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce; -Strategies for Justice; -National Association for the Advance of Colored People; -National Urban League; John is devoted to his work full-time with over Twenty-Seven years as a law enforcement officer, with Local, State, and Federal Affiliations.

Leslie Laing

Kelsey Block

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