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Why Race? Why White Supremacy?

Updated: Apr 28

What lead me to write about the impact of racism and white supremacy on a black mind?

Picture of the book "Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person."

First, I must begin this moment by using a direct quote from the book.

"Do not take any of these reflections as cynical ideology or an unpatriotic stance. Nothing is further from the truth. Instead, recognize them for what I say they are—my journey to learn and unlearn, reflect, and reidentify my core."

This is a picture of the street sign Commerce Street in Alabama.
Picture from Alabama trip

Late evening on November 3, 2019, I took a solo trip to visit what I refer to in the book as "the landmarks that hold America accountable for its treacherous history." After a long day of recording, conversing, and reflecting, I decided to go back to where I began that day. Something pulled me back to that space - a force I still have not come to terms with. I stood next to this walkway, a walkway in which our ancestors passed through, their welcoming to a new land, a new nightmare. Then I saw the street sign Commerce St. and became overwhelmed with emotions.

Four years ago, I embarked on a journey that led to a collection of moments. Moments that I felt took hold of my sanity. Moments in which I decided to record that produced the book Welcome to the Sick Mind of a Sane Person: Deconstructing Racism and White Supremacy. Those familiar with my work (either in disability equity, advocacy, or justice or with law enforcement and racial healing) understand that I focus on consciousness in its entirety. What I mean by this is while I acknowledge the importance of the work, I also recognize the impact that advocacy plays on the mind of the advocate—the strength it takes to recognize trauma and approach healing.

In closing

I hope those who read this book will begin to examine how they may explore their core and root out any elements that sustain racism or perpetuate white supremacy.



About the author

Terry Watson is a professional speaker, author, and trainer who specializes in the topics of disability equity in education, racial justice, and law enforcement. Mr. Watson has more than 15 years working in higher education and is the founder of Strategies for Justice and the host of Moses' People Speak.

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