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The apology of an unapologetic black man

I live by the notion of sorry, not sorry. For I am unapologetic.

Hence, this apology comes from a place, not much visited.

To my white brother, I apologize if I ever made you feel like racism is over or a minor stain in the fabric of our society. As if it is an insignificant culprit to the oppression of my people, today. Note, my being does not come from Americans' opportunities, but from the struggles of my father.

To my white sister, I apologize if ever I made you believe your view on my presence, on my being, impacts my morality or what I think of myself. As if my condition, my sense of self, solely depends on your portrait of a black man. Note, God made me a black man and all the beauty that comes with it.

To my black brother, I apologize if I made you feel inferior in any way, ethnologically mass-producing the ideology of white supremacy. As if I too, was your oppressor instilling the legacy of hate. Note you are my reason for fighting, my reason for resisting, forever.

To my black queen, my most deepest apology I reserve for you. I apologize if I made you feel like you had no voice in a man's world. As if to make you feel not beautiful, not wanted, not loved. Note, this is the most single abomination to a black man's conscience.

No acceptance needed.

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