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Support for the NYS Senate Bill S1619A to enact Cariol’s Law

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

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Enact Cariol's Law in New York State


Strategies for Justice

606 Liberty Ave, 3rd Floor #107

Pittsburg, PA 16522

Thursday, May 27, 2021

To: James Sanders Jr.

(D) 10th Senate Districts

142-01 Rockaway Boulevard

South Ozone Park, 11436

Phone: 718-523-3069

Fax: 718-523-3670

RE: Support for the NYS Senate Bill S1619A to enact Cariol’s Law

To the New York State Senate,

We the undersigned are writing this letter in full support of the NYS Senate Bill S1619A to enact Cariol’s Law throughout the State of New York. By passing the NYS Senate Bill S1619A, or as we refer to it, the law to protect good policing, the state of New York can ensure that law enforcement professionals who move to interrupt police misconduct and criminology will not be retaliated against and not have their livelihood taken from them. But most importantly, it can ensure that more citizens' lives are saved and fewer families are left with unbearable trauma.

Since the passing of Cariol’s Law by the City of Buffalo in October 2020 and her vindication in April 2021, police officers across the nation have come forward, asking our organizations for help or to share their stories. What makes Cariol’s Law and the proposed NYS Senate Bill S1619A so important is that it goes beyond the whistleblower narrative and empowers law enforcement to intervene and stop harm from happening when it’s happening. A duty to intervene needs to be more than a local police department policy, it needs to be the law of the land. We need to be able to support our law enforcement who intervenes and does the right thing, at the right time.

Amongst the undersigned are representatives of active and retired law enforcement throughout the State of New York and across the country. We, as law enforcement professionals and organizations, serve and protect our communities, as well as work to bridge the gap of inequity. We are coming together collectively because it is understood that establishing trust within our communities starts with supporting laws and bills like the NYS Senate Bill S1619A

In conclusion, we fully support the passing of this bill. We thank you in advance for your time and dedication.

Terry Watson's Signature

Yours respectfully

Terry Watson

Founder, Strategies for Justice

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