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Cariol's Law: A Change Needs To Come

It is with regret, I inform you that 'America is still not America to us.' I question the validity of the proclamation of freedom. I have doubts about the change of the American consciousness from its inception in 1776, and I suspect its unwillingness to change. I say this because of the lives taken too soon and the treatment of those who dare to challenge its supremacy in twenty years plus the new millennium. The generational trauma that continues to live on in our society, do so because we allow it. As I said before,

America is a dysfunctional family that refuses to go to counseling.

But that is not why I am writing today. As I watch the protest and the temperament of our country unravel again, a couple of sleepless thoughts crossed my mind.

  1. When will America see this movement of BlackLivesMatter worthy of recognition of the December 16, 1773, Boston Tea Party political protest? In 1773, the frustrations came from "taxation without representation," and as I see it in 2020, the BlackLivesMatter's movement frustrations come from "Presentation without true representation.' So far, efforts to "bring us together" or "become more diverse" or "more inclusive" has been done in the form of presentation.

I have heard people say, "but we had a black president" or "that police officer was non-white" or my personal favorite "I have a friend, lover, colleague, etc., who is black." In other words, "PRESENTATION."

  1. How can we get to "true representation?" Up till now, I have talked about humanizing each other. This is easier than you think, but it requires something that most humans have difficulty doing. "Listening and reflecting." But I think that is a conversation for another day and I don't want to distract from my main point.

  2. After the protest, What can we do? After you kneel, where do you stand?

This leads me to why I am writing today. I had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and getting to know Officer Cariol Horne. My only displeasure is that her name or her situation is not well known nationally because I believe it may lead to a larger discussion that most people are ignoring. While people protested, I was strategizing and came across her video about proposing the passing of #CariolLaw.

Now Cariol will be on our web show, Moses's People Speak, June 16, at 1 PM EST to explain this law (RSVP, share, and join the conversation), but I want to take the time to share just a little bit about the situation and the proposed law and how it may actually bring about a much-needed change.

Cariol Horne was a police officer in Buffalo NY until she decided to cross the blue line and stop a fellow police officer from choking a handcuffed suspect. Her recognition, being terminated and shunned by law enforcement. No help from police unions and no extended sustaining support from the community that she risked her life and career for. Fast forward to today, and people are asking why didn't one of the three officers step in for Gregory Floyd?

Post shared by Cariol Horne of Neal Mack's "I Can Breathe Now"
Post shared by Cariol Horne of Neal Mack's "I Can Breathe Now"

To make things worst, the officer whom she stopped from chocking Neal Mack (pictured left) went on to plead guilty for a future incident of using unlawful and unnecessary force and spent time in federal prison. When he gets out, his pension will be waiting for him. As for Cariol, she was fired and denied her pension. Even more still, she and her kids today, are harassed by the same department that fires her.

Then I came across this video of a black female police officer stopping a fellow police officer and I thought about Cariol. What laws have changed to protect the police officer that interrupts policy criminology?

Well, this is where Cariol's Law will take effect. I am going to keep updates on the Strategies For Justice website regarding Cariol's Law. If you want to be a part of this change, sign up. Together we will build Strategies for Justice. Email me at if you have any questions.


Below is the working draft of Cariol's Law.

To join and help write this proposal go to and click on "Join the movement"

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