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Dear America! Let's not choose fear, nor hate.

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

To my dearest country, America. I ask you during this pandemic and unusual time to act unusually to the norm. In our history, we have allowed dread and hard times to bring us closer together, yes, yet, also allowing fear, which imposes bigotry and hate. We've, at times, have forgotten our stance of "home of the brave" so we can enable fearmongering to treat our fellow brothers and sisters un-American to our proclaimed core.

So, to my country, please take time to revisit your country's patriotic tenet and allow the world to see what is truly represented by the red, white, and blue.

I ask that you remember that you are devoted to all that breathe to partake in the pursuit of happiness and liberty. Remember that we told the world we have learned from the evils of our history. We ensured the globe, we repented for our sins. And under the newest light, we should not move to commit these unfavorable actions again.

I hold to you the highest standards and to not allow race, nor ethnicity, ability, nor social status, sex, nor orientation play a role in who should be allowed to partake. We should not look to attack one another with words or stones but uplift each other with love and encouragement. We should seek out how we can contribute to justice and not seek out ways to join its opposition. I've said it before, there are so many opportunities to love, seeking out ways to hate or discriminate, should not be represented in our actions anymore.

So dear America, let us not choose fear, nor hate, but bravery and love.

By Terry Watson, Founder, SFJ

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