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Professional Development & Training

Strategies for Justice provides a variety of professional development and training opportunities, both in-person and virtually. 

Used Books

Book Clubs

SFJ 's Book club's  features  a group of individuals dedicated to sharing their opinions with others. Based on the mission of SFJ, we challenged our book club participants to engage in facilitated discussions around the topics of race, gender, and disability justice.  Most of our book clubs feature messages and deeper insight from the authors or related experts.  

Street Protest

SFJ Challenges

Sometimes we need a little assistance on meeting our equity and inclusion goals but don't know where to start.  Just as importantly, we do not know what success looks like. Well, an SFJ challenge may be for you.  Our challenges are spearheaded by our members and typically is attached to a workshop or forum discussion.

Online Course

PD Courses

Coming May of 2022

Used Books

Book club

Street Protest


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