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Battle Takes To Baltimore


Now a lieutenant (1935), Samuel J. Battle knew that with his new authority comes responsibility. During the same time in Baltimore, Maryland, Black citizens were trying to integrate their police department. Still, Baltimore had an all-white police department. Samul Battle joined the fight. Samuel Battle joined Black leaders and politicians at Baltimore's Bethel AME church rally. While there, Samuel J. Battle talked about his history and the importance of having fellow Black officers. At the end of this rally, the audience signed petitions to the governor, mayor of Baltimore, and the police commissioner to integrate the Baltimore police department.

Battle remembered,
"The very next day, for the first time, several Negroes took the examination for the police force. And it was not too long before two plain-clothes men and a negro policewoman were appointed."

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Battle Takes To Baltimore

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In collaboration with the Black Police Experience (BPX) and the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, Inc (NABLEO), we want to commemorate the heroics of Samuel J. Battle by asking black law enforcement to share their stories.  If you find a story on the Battle Continues.. timeline that you can relate to, please share.  


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Our timeline of untold stories is a collection of black law enforcement stories that will serve to illustrate their lived experiences and the need to transform police policies, practices, and consciousness. The Battle begins with Samuel J. Battle but continues as we commemorate the 110th year of blacks in law enforcement in NYC. Submit your story and help to create a pathway to justice.


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Battle Takes To Baltimore

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