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Symposium on Conscious Law Enforcement & Inclusive Practices

Session E: Laws and Legalities.

Moving to Action: 20 Policy Demands to dismantling Institutional Racism & Ending Police Misconduct

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Session Description

During the summer of 2020, the National Association Against Police Brutality (NAAPB) released twenty policy demands to dismantle institutional racism and end policy misconduct. The NAAPB understand in order to create trust between the police and the community they serve, accountability is key. The NAAPB is to educate and empower communities to seek accountability. During this workshop, the current president of the NAAPB, Jonathan Newton, will go over each policy and what steps are needed to engage your local community.

Learning Objectives

    Identify the 20 policy demands and describe their importance in police accountability
    Learn how to engage your community on these demands
    Develop practices to dismantle institutional racism & end police brutality
Jonathan Newton Esq.

Jonathan Newton Esq.

Jonathan Newton is a former police officer who was wrongfully accused of serious crimes. After this experience, he became a lawyer to fight for justice.  Mr. Newton's practices focus on Police Misconduct, Civil Rights, amongst other criminal defenses.  Mr. Newton is also the sitting president of the National Association Against Police Brutality (NAAPB) whose mission is to eliminate incidents of police brutality through proactive education of citizens, creating public awareness of the issue, and advocating for the rights of victims. The National Association Against Police Brutality seeks to create a national standard for use-of-force guidelines and officer accountability for law enforcement personnel.


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