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You have been invited to join the SFJ Speaking/Training Bureau.

Choosing a speaking forum is one of the most critical steps that an inspiring speaker can make. We want to make sure that you can contribute to the conversation, but we also want to make sure that we are meeting your needs as a speaker. By becoming a member, this is what we can offer you.

Speech and Writing Help

Practice makes perfect! As a member of the BWMP, LLC, you can submit your speech to our team of editors and get feedback. If you would like to practice your speech or run ideas off of other speakers on the team, BWMP will provide that platform. Our meetings occur via Zoom and allow for a personal consultation

Use Technology to Engage

The BWMP, LLC hosts various technologies to help you engage your participants. This is very important for training, but can also be crucial for speaking engagement. An engaged audience allows for better learning and participation. Instruction on how to use these engaging technologies and best practices are available upon request.

Web Space Platform

As part of the BWMP, LLC team, you will be given web space. Please share with us any media you may have or articles, blogs, or books you may have written. This will help organizations choose the speaker that best meets their needs.


If you are looking to be a part of the speaker's market, feedback is going to be very important. Each speech or training you provide will include an evaluation survey for participants. This will help you identify areas of strengths as well as areas you want to develop


Submit a request to become a speaker or trainer.

Strategies for Justice creates a webspace for all our speakers.  Please provide below any links that you would like us to highlight on your web-space. In addition, please include any photo's that you would like us to use for your webspace.

Below, list the topics that you are willing and able to speak on.  (e.g. Bias and discrimination, policing while black, gender inequity, etc)

Upload Picture 1
Upload Picture 2

The information below is for SFJ use only.  None of the following information will be shared.

Do you have a Doing business as (DBA) or Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Thank you for your interest in being a training/speaker. Your request has been submitted. Please check your email for further instructions.

Note: Check your SPAM folder, if this is your first time communicating with BWMP LLC.

Thank you. We will let you know when your material appears on our site to share.  If you need to change anything, email

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