Welcome to State College NAACP Juneteenth Celebration

Sit back, learn, and enjoy!

12:00 EST on Friday, June 19th, 2020 at the MLK Plaza on Fraser St.

Special thanks to StateCollegeLive for helping with broadcasting it virtually for many more to see!

  • 1.

    State College NAACP Welcome, Lorraine Taylor

  • 2.

    Mayoral Proclamation, Ron Filippelli & Opening Prayer, Pastor McKenzie

  • 3.

    Spoken Word by High School Students

  • 4.

    Recitation, Tierra Williams, Drumming, Jeff Martin and Dancing, Joy Robertson

  • 5.

    Walk Together Children, Charles Dumas

  • 6.

    Musical Performance by Eric Ian Farmer

1PM EST on Friday, June 19th, 2020

Virtual Commemoration: Terry Watson & Leslie Laing

  • 1.

    Lift Every Voice & Sing, Moses's People Speaks' Tribute, Music by Charles Gibbson III

  • 2.

    A Voice for Freedom & Lantern Lighting: Donna King

  • 3.

    Monologue: Why Can’t They Hear Us? – Charmee Taylor

  • 4.

    Dance Performance: Free My Soul

    Performed by:        

    Mojah Dance Theatre 

    Atlanta, GA

  • 5.

    Live Reading to Our Children: Lucylu Discovers Juneteenth, Dr. Audrey Kharem

  • 6.

    Educational & Family-friendly Videos

  • 7.

    Closing Remarks & Musical Selection

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