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Edwin Raymond, Lt.

A lieutenant serving Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood, Edwin Raymond is the whistleblower and lead plaintiff in an ongoing, federal, class-action lawsuit that charges the NYPD with corrupt and discriminatory practices. Edwin provided damning evidence of the NYPD’s practice of Quota Policing which targets minority communities, and “uses black bodies to generate revenue.” The audio recording of his own performance evaluation revealed the department’s continued violation of a 2010 labor law that prohibits the NYPD from 1) issuing quotas for evaluating officer performance, and 2) penalizing officers who fail to meet quota.

A committed community activist, Edwin co-founded Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow, an organization that serves vulnerable youth. He also advocates for Raise the Age, an initiative that reformed the practice of automatically charging teenagers as adults -- even for minor offenses. He is the subject of the 2018 Emmy Award-winning documentary Crime + Punishment. The film offers a peak behind the “Blue Wall of Silence,” revealing that the quota directive is issued from the top, “and when I say ‘the top’,” said Edwin, “I mean the very top: commissioners, deputy commissioners, and even the mayor’s office.”

Most recently, in 2020, Edwin decided to run for the New York City Council seat in District 40 which includes the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn where he grew up and still lives. Brooklyn is where my heart is,” says Edwin. “I love the people here and I take pride in our heritage. I am committed to making the 40th Council District the ideal place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Bridging the Gap Between Communities of Color and Law Enforcement

Policing in America

Impact of Generational Trauma

Edwin Raymond | The Marshall Project | The New Yorker

NYPD officer Edwin Raymond describes his hopes of fixing the system from the inside by becoming a cop — and how his idealism was stamped out once he graduated from the academy and was forced to meet quotas.
Director: Jenny Carchman
“We Are Witnesses”: A Portrait of Crime and Punishment in America

Edwin Raymond on Hot 97

Sgt. Edwin Raymond sat down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss his decision to speak out against some longstanding procedures inside of the NYPD. He speaks the truth about quotas, and gives some very interesting insight into why some officers make certain decisions about ticketing and arresting people. Raymond also addresses the support he's received with other officers of the NYPD they call themselves the NYPD 12. Due for a promotion, Raymond says he was denied a promotion to Lieutenant because of his support for Colin Kaepernick.

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