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Speaker's Bio

Dr. Monica Blake-Beasley

Retired Police officer, Educator

Dr. Monica Blake-Beasley is a retired police officer who proudly served the city of Nashville, Tennessee, from 2004–2019. Ms.Blake-Beasley worked as a patrol officer, assisted with undercover operations, and ended her law enforcement tenure as a dedicated School Resource Officer. Though Ms. Blake-Beasley became an officer to help victims of crime, in 2016, she survived a violent sexual assault from an off-duty police officer that changed her life by exposing her to the other side of criminal justice. The experience rendered her an advocate for victims’ rights and set her on a trajectory to eradicate the so-called Blue Wall of Silence that requires officers to turn a blind eye to misconduct of fellow officers. At great cost to herself, Ms. Blake-Beasley became an avid supporter of grassroots organizations and supported citizens in establishing an oversight board for police accountability. After enduring discrimination, retaliation, and violation of civil rights from the police department, Ms. Blake-Beasley filed a federal lawsuit that was settled almost immediately. More importantly, many others discovered their voices to boldly advocate for themselves.

Dr. Blake-Beasley understands there is tremendous power in the truth and encourages others to walk in their truth. Monica is the proud mother of three (a daughter and twin boys), and believes that when it comes to lasting change, we can all do more than nothing!

Workplace Discrimination

Disparities in Law Enforcement

Surviving Domestic Violence and Violent Crimes

Monica message to sexual assault survivors

Ms. Monica Blake-Beasley joined the Nashville police department to help victims of violent crimes. But in 2016, she experienced an event at the hands of a fellow police officer that would change the trajectory of her career and life. Monica's narrative brings to light what happens when the #MeToo movement breaks the blue code of silence.

Monica supports Community Oversight Board

Monica Blake-Beasley endorsed Amendment #1 for a Community Oversight Board for the police, to be on the ballot on Nov 6, 2018 in Nashville TN. Her statement was made at a Public Meeting of NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope) on Oct 28, 2018.

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