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Speaker's Bio

Ken Williams

Ken Williams is a former decorated homicide detective of the Brockton Police Department in the Boston area, employed by them for nearly twenty years until raising legal compliance issues to his co-workers and superiors about unlawful activity and refusing to cooperate in the Boston Police Department’s concerted efforts to protect the institution. The City of Brockton had engaged in a pattern and practice of unlawful discriminatory police conduct directed at minorities, i.e., African Americans, Hispanics, and Cape Verdeans who had systematically been denied their constitutional rights. As a result of Mr. Williams's reports of unlawful conduct, on or about November 12, 2010, he was unlawfully terminated due to his lawful whistle-blowing activities.

Prior to his discharge Mr. Williams experienced unlawful retaliation in the form of humiliation, discrimination, and continued harassment by the department causing extreme emotional distress. He filed the first-ever Lincoln Law Title VI Qui Tam whistleblower civil action against the police institution and is confident this civil action could possibly be the solution to help reform and correct longstanding intentional discrimination, waste, fraud, and abuse in law enforcement throughout the United States.

Mr. Williams is retained by civil rights attorneys for the evaluation and rendering of his unbiased opinion in officer-involved shootings and is an expert witness consultant in wrongful death cases. He is also a “Use of Force Expert” and a leading voice in Criminal Justice Reform.

Workplace Discrimination

Being a whistleblower

Use of force expertise

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