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Speaker's Bio

Damon K. Jones

A 28-year veteran of the Westchester Department of Corrections, Damon K. Jones has served on or chaired a number of national associations on race and law enforcement, and he co-founded the Westchester Black Political Conference. In his current role representing the state of New York in Blacks in Law Enforcement of America (BLEA), Mr. Jones has advocated for a positive law enforcement–community relationship with scholarships, mentoring programs, and a series of seminars.

In addition to serving his local community, Mr. Jones has served his state, national, and global communities. He advised New York Gov. Paterson’s task force on Police-on-Police Shooting and has provided testimony on police policies and procedures as they affect communities of color, use of deadly force, and department transparency and accountability. His recommendations were even included in the United Nations ICERD 2014 Shadow Report. While not advising on national and global policies, Mr. Jones publishes Black Westchester Magazine and can be heard every Sunday on People Before Politics Radio.

Policing While Black

Bias and Discrimination in Law Enforcement Policies

Community Policing

Damon Jones speaks on Legislation thats needed for Police Oversight in NY

Damon Jones addresses NYC Mayor Giuliani's racist remarks

On Meet the Press the whole world witness what Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City really thought about the black communities when he was asked about the disproportionate ratio of white to black police officers in the many police departments of America.

Blacks In Law Enforcement of America, New York Representative Damon K. Jones speaks on Al-Jazeera News about the low numbers of Black officers on police forces throughout the country and the remarks made by former Mayor Rudi Giuliani

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