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Symposium on Conscious Law Enforcement & Inclusive Practices

Assessing and Evaluating Problem-Solving

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Session Description

Are you looking to enhance your agency's approach to public safety by embracing proactive problem-solving methodologies? Join us for an enlightening workshop led by individuals who have been systematically impacted. The workshop will focus on integrating the principles of community policing with systematic and innovative problem-solving techniques. Community policing advocates for a shift from reactive to proactive policing, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying conditions contributing to public safety issues. This workshop will explore how agencies can adopt and embed a proactive problem-solving mindset into their day-to-day operations.

Key Concepts: Explore the SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment) problem-solving model as a structured framework for addressing community issues.

  • Scanning

  • Analysis

  • Response

  • Assessment:

Read the document on Community Policing by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Learning Objectives



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