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God Loves Justice

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

One of our members, John Leary, sent me an email recently of bible verses that talks about justice. The verse that stood out to me was Psalms 11:7, "He [God] loves justice."

Before this year comes to an end, I like all of us to evaluate the meaning of justice. But most importantly, what can we do to interrupt unjust systems. This year I was delighted to give a talk titled, Crawling, walking, running towards racism," in which I outline ways we can play a role in eradicating the evilness of racism. So after I received this email, I had some time to reflect on the importance of justice. I title this, God Loves Justice

God Loves Justice

It is upon us all, to know justice, to seek justice, and like God, to love justice. It is not merely a word to be pledged, but a building foundation for impartiality. We can not call upon God in our times of need, pray to our God in times of spiritual rejuvenation, yet ignore the need for justice in times of inequity. We, like God, must love justice.

If we find that justice is missing, we must seek it and demand that it take its rightful place in our mind, in our heart, and in our soul. We must not view justice from our singular lens, but seek it through the eyes of the burdened and the demoralized. We should hold justice to the highest priority. After all, those who love justice will see this as the only way to live.

We must all stand for justice, no matter what. Malcolm X once said "...I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against." We must continue to strategize and mobilize for justice's sake. Let us be for justice, because we, like God, must love justice.

Special thanks to

John Leary, The John Leary Organization,

Leslie Laing, SOI

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