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Ep 007: Discussing Building Curiosity, Humility, and Empathy
Ep 009: Discussing Race In America w. Dr. Dwayne Wright
Ep 008 Seeking Justice for Justus
Ep 005: Discussing Race in America

Join us for an episode of Moses' People Speak where we have conversations on race and law enforcement.  

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Ep 008 Seeking Justice for Justus

Joining us on Moses People Speak is LaToya Howell (mother of Justus Howell) and Alice Howell (Grandmother of Justus Howell). Justus Howell was fatally shot in the back by Zion Police after a foot chase pursued. The family shares with us what took place that day, what role the media played, and who Justus was. Lastly, the family shares what justice would look like for their loved one. Funds are being raised for Justus Howell Memorial Monument.